When every second counts.

When disaster strikes, every second counts for the victims, first responders and organizations involved.

How can risk and emergency response teams use technology when faced with the unexpected—whether a plane crash, nuclear detonation, earthquake, active shooter, hurricane, interstate pile-up, or terror attack—when swift response is key to making every second count?

Verizon, and Nokia, in collaboration with the Guardian Centers and Aegex Technologies, invite you to join us at our second annual live demonstration event—Operation Convergent Response 2018 (#OCR2018) November 5 – 8 at the Guardian Centers in Perry, GA, USA. #OCR2018 will give you the chance to experience firsthand how advanced technologies can work under pressure in an emergency—and to be part of the solution.

Bringing together public and private organizations along with first responders from around the world, the four-day exercise will allow attendees to see technology in action and to learn how technology companies and public agencies can join forces to support first responders and communities in crisis situations.

Building on the success of #OCR2017, this year’s event will showcase cutting-edge technologies, enabling live rescue and recovery exercises in seven different realistic disaster scenarios with actual first responder teams. 

Plus, be sure to check out our new and expanded activities for #OCR2018:

  • Solutions Showcase
  • Conference Presentations
  • Immersive Learning Experiences

Join Verizon and Nokia, in collaboration with the Guardian Centers and Aegex, this fall for an experience like none other, when you get the chance to see technology in action when every second counts.

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#OCR2018 Keynote speakers


November 5 – 8

Guardian Centers
600 Perry Pkwy 
Perry, GA 31069

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When it really matters, we've got your back.

Join us for #OCR2018 to see technology in action when every second counts.

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