Operation Convergent Response is committed to being on the leading edge of innovative technology solutions for both public and private first responders by applying existing capabilities in new ways under extreme conditions.

By bringing Verizon partners and customers together to solve complex challenges during live demonstrations, under realistic conditions, we establish a learning environment in which all stakeholders gain a common perspective to collectively tackle greater problems over time. Let's keep the conversation going.

November 5 – 8

Guardian Centers
600 Perry Pkwy 
Perry, GA 31069

Hotel Accommodations

Interviews and Videos

Verizon Public Safety Solutions
Better Matters to Public Safety

Aegex Technologies
Intrinsically safe Internet of Things (IoT) platform for hazardous locations



Verizon hosts disaster response training exercises 

During an emergency, communication is key

Join us for #OCR2018 to see technology in action when every second counts.

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