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Discover the reality #OCR2018 brings to life by learning more about the realistic crisis scenarios and technology solutions demonstrated at the Guardian Centers.

November 5 – 8

Guardian Centers
600 Perry Pkwy 
Perry, GA 31069

Hotel Accommodations

Helicopter Crash 

A civilian helicopter has engine failure and crashes into a remote field. Rescue teams rush to assist survivors and recover evidence for the subsequent investigation into the causes of the accident.

Simulation of a chemical building collapse

Nuclear Detonation

Detonation of an improvised nuclear device at a nuclear facility creates widespread destruction, including a regional electric grid failure, a bio-hazard spill, and multiple injuries and casualties. The area is deemed inaccessible to people not protected from HAZMAT, so drones and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors become the ‘first responders’.


A 9.1 magnitude earthquake causes major devastation in an urban setting, with multiple casualties and trapped victims. 

Simulation of an active shooter situation

Active Shooter 

An average workday turns deadly when an active shooter detonates a bomb and fires down onto the crowd from an elevated position. 


A category 5 hurricane blasts an urban coastal area, resulting in catastrophic flooding. Rescue efforts ensue to evacuate people from their homes.

Simulation of subway terror attack

Subway Terror Attack 

A terrorist will lead a two-pronged attack that includes a bomb and a chemical release in a subway tunnel. Rescue efforts will focus on mass casualties in a biohazard, bandwidth-denied environment.

Interstate Pile-Up

Inclement weather has caused a massive multi-car pile-up on a remote, rural interstate. First responders must get to the remote area, rescue the injured, respond to the crash, clear the highway and more. 

Disaster Response 

The #OCR2018 disaster response force will bring together assets from across Verizon to respond to the simulated crises, providing needed support to victims and first responders.

Portable trauma center for crisis situations

On-Site Trauma Center

When catastrophic events occur, on-site medical and trauma facilities are needed. A mobile triage center will be demonstrated for providing front-line critical care.

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